SEO Strategy, the Basic Concept

Several blogs over the last year have highlighted strategies related to SEO and improving results.  What is interesting is that most of these are written from a technical point of view speaking to issues that are strategic in nature and have to do with much broader issues of marketing and consumer relevance.

The issues impacting the media landscape (media defined very broadly) are profound and most organizations appear to be framing the conversation about this evolution through their own historical frame of reference.  The future of media is not every advertising agency, PR firm, newspaper and TV station developing a “digital group” or an “interactive practice”.  The future – every organization is a media company – directly or in most cases indirectly through partnership (conversation for a later blog).

At the simplest conceptual level, organizations need to step back and without bias think about three things.  Who is their audience, what is relevant to their lives and how is my organization relevant to their lives.  OK,maybe one more – what is the narrative that will connect these people with my brand.  All of the technical vehicles can then be reviewed to determine the appropriate balance of marketing, the digital strategy and the development of media (content) for that niche’.

Focusing on the SEO issues in the context of purchasing ads more effectively is important, but ultimately should not be the core of a digital strategy.  Relevance is the driver and an issue focused approach – both to be addressed in a later blog.


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