Bravo Media takes step towards very integrated future

As the world of media continues to evolve with the advancement of technology, Bravo Media (the “media” was recently added) is creating partnerships to extend the brand beyond the screen.  Although product integration is nothing new, it historically centers around a single product or show.  Bravo media is taking a bold step by pursing partnerships for its entire portfolio.

Bravo Media is striking new partnerships to sell everything from cruises to cookbooks tied to its shows, in an effort to take its brand name beyond television.

The deals, which include a Top Chef cruise, calendar and cooking class, and an exercise DVD linked to the show Workout, come nearly a year after Bravo changed its name to include “Media,” saying it was responding to its fan base’s desire for more touch points with the brand. The deals are aimed at both creating new revenue streams and driving brand loyalty.

(Read entire article by Anne Becker)

As a media company proven to be less conservative than traditional networks, Bravo is not afraid to take new initiatives.  It is also clear recognition that more integrated marketing models that break down traditional lines of brand management, media and communication will only continue to become more common.


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