OK, TED it is.

Every so often there are really interesting ideas and concepts that need to be shared – and often have the potential to inspire others.  A few years ago (about 18 to be exact) the first TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference was organized.  A little blurb from TED History.

The first TED included demos of the newly released Macintosh computer and Sony compact disc, while mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot demonstrated how to map coastlines with his newly discovered fractals and AI guru Marvin Minsky outlined his powerful new model of the mind. Several influential members of the burgeoning digerati community were also there, including Nicholas Negroponte and Stewart Brand.

A few months ago TED recently bagan posting videos from the last few years online.  Not only is the site well designed and organized, but the quality of the content is nothing short of brilliant.

One of my favorites(so far) looks at how a Wii remote can be used in a few cool, new ways and discusses the impact of you tube and the Internet as a vehicle to have rapid and massive positive impact on peoples lives. 


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