Organic Search, Seriously?


A brilliant friend of mine and V-fluence (leading interactive public relations firm) commented there is nothing organic about search anymore. Interesting comment, and an accurate one.


With the explosive increase of web sites, blogs and anything else you can think of to throw on the Internet, becoming visible in search is far from organic or natural.  In fact an entire industry has developed focused just on improving search visibility.


As advertising dollars continue to move from traditional broadcast to the Internet, as the media increasingly turns to the Internet for ideasand research, as the amount of time spent online increases, as search continues to consolidate to dominant engines and as search continues to dominate as the start of Internet experience, the importance of leading positions in search will only increase.


Learn more about SEO has a great deal of interesting and relevant information for those in the industry including some interesting web site analytical tools.  They have also conducted a fairly in depth survey of SEO professionals.


Google “Golden Triangle” study conducted by Enquiro Research is interesting – if you google the term you can find most of what you will want to know without having to buy a white paper.


Introduction to SEO


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