Internet Primary Research Resource for C-Level Executives

A recent studyconducted by Ipsos looks at how C-level executives are adopting and accepting the rapid evolution in media.  The Internet is now the leading point of information for researching a business problem, a fact that should come as no surprise given that the vast majority of the population already does, including 90% of traditional media.  What is surprising is how many do not recognize or use the Internet to its fullest potential. 

Hugh White, Vice President of Ipsos MediaCT adds that, “top executives are heavy users of what we think of as traditional media, such as television, newspapers, and magazines, but they are also getting more deeply into the digital space, not only the Internet itself, but streaming video, blogs, podcasts, and the like.”

The Business Elite Study explores the media habits, attitudes, opinions, and business and personal purchasing habits of the highest echelon of America’s business community—the “C-Suite.” The Study surveys both executives and C-Suite professionals. In the past two years, the Study has tracked the rapid adoption of the Internet by business executives, with significant growth in usage of print media websites. It also shows that the Internet has not reduced their usage of other media types,

Read the entire press release and study data



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