Don’t Lose Your Good Ideas

I met with a good friend this week over a glass of wine who is thinking about starting a new company.  The idea she has is pretty compelling, takes advantage of some larger macro trends and could really be big.   It was clear from our discussion that she had dozens of cool ideas that tied into the big idea.  I suggested she write down those other ideas on a piece of paper and pin them up on the wall someplace.  And the next day I received the following snapshot:

Creating an idea board (I just have a bunch of stuff on a wall with tape) or a place to keep those great big ideas is important for three reasons.

  1. Don’t lose that great idea.  For a while I tried keeping them a notebook, along with all of my meeting notes, but they end up buried someplace and only every once in a while would I go back and pull them out.  Same problem of keeping ideas in a file folder.
  2. Keeping them visible on a daily basis is a great way to keep up motivation to keep working on a great idea.
  3. Prioritization.  As you have a bunch of ideas, and most entrepreneurs do, it is less about having a great idea and more about focusing energy to make a great idea a success.

Any other ideas on keeping your great ideas?

A great concept card from


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