Plan to Turn Around the Economy from the Kauffman Foundation

Thanks to our friends and the Kauffman Foundation for posting a great summary of the importance of entrepreneurs to the recovery of our economy and overall future of our country.

Link to this and other videos from the Kauffman Foundation


83% of Startups Hiring in 2011

Silicon Valley Bank recently published “Startup Outlook 2011” with results from 375 interviews of private and VC backed hardware, software and clean-tech companies.  Across the board the startup companies are reporting better results than in the past with increases in expected hiring, economic perception, profitability and overall growth.

Startup Outlook on Business Conditions from SVB

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The Billion Dollar Obama Holiday Present?

Listening to NPR the other day there was a passing comment regarding the relationship of the US economy to consumer confidence – about 2/3 of the US economy is directly connected to consumer spending.   Not news in itself but with confidence in Bush at an all time low what could be the potential economic impact of Obama just winning the election.  Some of the data is pretty surprising. Continue reading →