Guest on KWMU

I was asked to join a panel on mentoring and entrepreneurship at the local NPR affiliate last week.  Click here to listen to a recording (Windows or MP3) of the broadcast and learn about an entrepreneur mentoring program that has received international recognition. Continue reading →

Entrepreneurial Activity Grows in 2007

According to the latest Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, 495,000 new businesses per month were started in 2007 with 0.30 percent of the adult population (or 300 out of 100,000 adults) involved in the startup process. This entrepreneurial activity rate is a slight increase over the 2006 rate of 0.29 percent. Continue reading →

Entrepreneurship: US dependence on Foreign Minds

By Chris Dornfeld for Biotrends, Nov./Dec. 2005

A recent report by the Kauffman Foundation highlights the “substantially higher rates of entrepreneurship among immigrants as compared to U.S.-born individuals.” (1). This should come as no surprise if we think about what type of person would be willing to uproot and travel to a new country in pursuit of a better life. But what is interesting is how little attention is given to the recent contributions that foreign-born nationals make to the U.S. economy. Continue reading →